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SAP Labs
"SAP has been operating out of Vatika Towers since 2006. We have not only grown in this facility but have been able to collocate other business entities within this complex. This was possible purely because of the excellent architectural flexibility built into the building design and the personalized service levels collectively provided by the entire management team including the ground staff responsible for day to day services and upkeep. The employee satisfaction level with the office location and amenities has been wonderful and the well planned break-out areas and other recreational facilities help keep their moral high."

"While the building location and excellent finish levels were the strong points which influenced us in signing up for our 18,000 sq. ft. office space in Vatika Towers, the excellent maintenance levels and the attention given by the builder on the small but yet significant things gave us the confidence to move into a much larger area of 130,000 sq. ft. at Vatika Business Park. We are happy that the team here considers important factors like services, quick response and resolution times, functioning and back-up of important equipment's as a necessity rather than an exception."

"The relationship which started as a small branch out of Vatika's first commercial development, has over the time blossomed into a strong association. The confidence generated after opening of our North Region Headquarters based out of Vatika Atrium, has given us the comfort factor to be a part of almost all new commercial developments launched by Vatika in different micro markets of the region."