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Don’t let your house become a burden Vatika Direct has experts who’ll pick out houses that suit your payback capacity. So you won’t end up with a loan you can’t handle.

Get the perfect match A house that’s exactly right for your family will give you years of joy. Vatika Direct gives you all possible information to make the right choice – including completely transparent pricing.

Choose from Vatika’s full range With Vatika Direct, you get access to all the residences that Vatika has available across all projects.

Don’t worry about paperwork Vatika Direct executives know exactly what documents are needed, and they are in the best position to advise you about how to get your documentation in place.

Choose with complete confidence When you deal with Vatika directly, everything is clearly stated, in writing. And since there is no room for ambiguity or verbal promises, there’s no cause for anxiety either.

Call Vatika Direct and let the process of buying your house be as pleasurable as living in it.

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