Strategies for Investing in Gurgaon Real Estate Sector

The millennium city has served as the most suitable destination for profitable investments. Today, spacious and affordable apartments and luxury villas have occupied the residential plots in Gurgaon. To strike the right deal, you need to take a wise decision. The following strategies will be useful for you:

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  • Select only those areas where you can get good returns on investments: Gurgaon as a whole seems to be a good location for real estate investments, but in certain areas you can expect a higher return on investment. Localities that are in close proximity to airports and expressways are the best bet. The convenience in commuting in these areas is another plus point. Many multinational companies are setting up their offices in Gurgaon. Real estate dealers can use this opportunity to their advantage by investing in commercial projects.
  • If you are a first-time buyer, conduct a thorough research before investing: First-time buyers are more likely to get cheated than the experienced ones while buying residential properties in Gurgaon. To avoid getting scammed, thoroughly inquire the property you are planning to purchase. Make sure that the project is secure and estimate its future value. It is also necessary to do a background check of the people you are dealing with.
  • Analyze the possible outcomes of your investment: The availability of affordable office spaces have resulted in the establishment of global companies in Gurgaon. Similarly, you should know your goals and invest accordingly. Currently, many people are moving to this city for employment opportunities as well as better residential areas. On seeing the present scenario, it can be analyzed that the upcoming residential projects in Gurgaon are worth investing.
  • Choose a smart real estate agent: As an investor, you cannot expect all the real estate agents to be best at their respective job. Find those who have been able to sell the maximum number of properties during the month, and choose one of them.
  • Tactful marketing: After buying an apartment or a plot, you might want to sell it to earn a reasonable profit. To strike a good deal, you will need a clever marketing strategy. You should collaborate with your real estate agent for that purpose. Along with that, you can publicize your offer by posting advertisements in magazines and local newspapers. Normally, this is how people get to know about apartments for sale in Gurgaon.

Integrated Townships Prove to Be a Big Success in Gurgaon Real Estate

Gurgaon has always set a trend for other cities to follow, in case of the real estate segment. Gurgaon was one of the first cities which organized retail segments such as shopping malls. After that came upcoming residential projects in Gurgaon, the plotted development and now is the trend for integrated townships.

The concept of integrated townships in Gurgaon is being pushed by private property developers. The thought process behind integrated township is that along with residential properties, these spaces will also have commercial spaces and people will be able to walk to their workplaces as well as leisure spaces. These townships define urban living.

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The property seekers in Gurgaon have received these property developments very well. Corporate firms as well as home seekers are equally interested in these integrated townships. Even the local infrastructure gets a boost because of them. MG Road saw the first phase of development and benefited in terms of infrastructure development.

Many developers benefited from the transport link as they bought land banks near MG road. There was an unimaginable rise in property prices of projects. The occupancy rates of commercial and residential properties in Gurgaon increased, as they were located on the arterial road.

A number of property builders are trying the same formula for real estate on Golf Course Road, Sohna Road and Palam Vihar. These areas have amazing shopping malls and other leisure activities and therefore, property builders are building residential and commercial properties around these malls. Residential plots in Gurgaon are also located around these areas. Thus, the demand for integrated township has increased because of organized retailing and this impacts property prices as well.

Impressive infrastructure, good road and rail network, banking facilities, well developed industrial estates, modern institutes and good communication network makes Gurgaon a very good prospect for having integrated townships.

As Gurgaon’s is located close to Delhi, it is emerging as one of the best destinations for real estate. Consumers are finding it the best city to buy residential as well as commercial properties and integrated townships are the next best thing in Gurgaon’s real estate segment.

Legal Documents Required Before Purchasing a Residential Plot in Gurgaon

Are you planning to buy residential plot as an investment without compromising on budget and connectivity? If yes, then Gurgaon is the best option. ( Within the heart of the city, you come across a good number of residential properties comprising of apartment flats, villas, condos, independent floors and houses. However, in recent years, there has been a trend of people opting for residential plots in Gurgaon and NCR. Residential plots have been increasingly demanded by IT professionals, businessmen, corporate executives, not for staying but as an investment purpose as the land value never depreciates. Gurgaon’s new residential projects by real estate developers are concentrating more on offering residential plots nowadays. There is great availability of plots for sale in Sector 82, 83, 105, Gurgaon Dwarka expressway etc.

Legal documents from the seller

  • The Deed Title: The deed title should be in the name of the seller and he should have the right to sell it. Get the original copy.
  • Encumbrance Certificate: You get this at the sub-registrar’s office. This is the same office where the title deed is registered. This certificate declares that the land has no legal issues.
  • Property Tax Receipts and Bills: All payments prior to your purchase should be done by the owner and he should hand over the original bills and receipts.
  • Release Certificate by Bank: Also, the bank should hand the release certificate to ensure the new owner that loans on the residential plots in Gurgaon have been repaid fully and there are no dues left.

Legal documents required by the purchaser

  • The Title Deed: The new title deed after the original seller transfers the paper in the name of the new buyer.
  • Stamp duty receipt payment: Now, the purchaser can get the residential land registered in the sub-registrar’s office with duly paid stamp duty receipt.
  • House Plan Approval/ Commencement Certificate: If the new owner wants to build a house in the plot or modify the existing one, he should take prior permission from the Municipality Corporation. The layout should be approved by the City Development Corporation and the local body. The new owner should get the commencement certificate by the Municipal Corporation to start any construction.
  • The purchaser should also receive a NOC from water, electricity, lift and other authorities etc.

Usually, it is the builder or the real estate developer who takes care of all these and the purchaser simply has to sign the sale agreement papers. Hence it is always advisable to purchase residential plots from a reputed developer or builder.