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At Vatika, we remain committed to designing and delivering the most sought after spaces that enhance the lives of our customers. The Group has a record of having developed and delivered some of the finest commercial projects and the new commercial projects will surpass the benchmarks. 

In our endeavour to create exciting destinations, we will soon come up with three new retail projects. Our latest residential projects will expand our footprint in new sectors of Gurgaon. We are confident of your continued support and goodwill towards our future endeavours. 

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The Real Guide to Real Estate

The difference between size and space:
You’ll be surprised to know that two apartments, both being sold as 2000 sq. ft. in size, may actually turn out to be quite different when examined closely.
Simply put, size is what is mentioned in the ads and brochures, while space is what you will actually get to use. And since usable space is never mentioned anywhere, it’s very important for you to figure it out for yourself.

Here are a few questions you should ask:

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The Shocking Truth About New Gurgaon

New Gurgaon refers to the Millennium City’s new sectors 82 to 115 – and if you took a Sunday drive through these sectors, you’d be shocked at the differences between this area and how the rest of Gurgaon developed.

The model for a modern lifestyle The planning of New Gurgaon is such that it promotes a balanced life – with less driving, less stress, local self-sustenance and better health

Wide roads carriageways are designed to handle with the traffic today volumes of tomorrow.Most of sector roads in New Gurgaon are built with service roads and have an 84 meter wide right-of-way(compared with 48 meters in Gurgaon).

Segregated commercial areas Residential and commercial sectors are adjacent, yet separate. So, no office blocks in the middle of residential areas, and schools only on roads wide enough to handle the traffic.

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Ambala: A Fine Place for Real Estate Investments

Ambala is a city that is divided into two sub-areas namely, Ambala City and Ambala Cantonment, which are approximately 3 kms away from each other. The city is also popularly known as the Twin City. A common tourist destination, Ambala is also famous for its cloth market.

Besides being significant for tourists, Ambala has considerable scope for real estate business. Here are some good reasons to invest in properties in Ambala.

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Strategies for Investing in Gurgaon Real Estate Sector

The millennium city has served as the most suitable destination for profitable investments. Today, spacious and affordable apartments and luxury villas have occupied the residential plots in Gurgaon. To strike the right deal, you need to take a wise decision. The following strategies will be useful for you:

vatika group real estate development

  • Select only those areas where you can get good returns on investments: Gurgaon as a whole seems to be a good location for real estate investments, but in certain areas you can expect a higher return on investment. Localities that are in close proximity to airports and expressways are the best bet. The convenience in commuting in these areas is another plus point. Many multinational companies are setting up their offices in Gurgaon. Real estate dealers can use this opportunity to their advantage by investing in commercial projects.
  • If you are a first-time buyer, conduct a thorough research before investing: First-time buyers are more likely to get cheated than the experienced ones while buying residential properties in Gurgaon. To avoid getting scammed, thoroughly inquire the property you are planning to purchase. Make sure that the project is secure and estimate its future value. It is also necessary to do a background check of the people you are dealing with.
  • Analyze the possible outcomes of your investment: The availability of affordable office spaces have resulted in the establishment of global companies in Gurgaon. Similarly, you should know your goals and invest accordingly. Currently, many people are moving to this city for employment opportunities as well as better residential areas. On seeing the present scenario, it can be analyzed that the upcoming residential projects in Gurgaon are worth investing.
  • Choose a smart real estate agent: As an investor, you cannot expect all the real estate agents to be best at their respective job. Find those who have been able to sell the maximum number of properties during the month, and choose one of them.
  • Tactful marketing: After buying an apartment or a plot, you might want to sell it to earn a reasonable profit. To strike a good deal, you will need a clever marketing strategy. You should collaborate with your real estate agent for that purpose. Along with that, you can publicize your offer by posting advertisements in magazines and local newspapers. Normally, this is how people get to know about apartments for sale in Gurgaon.

Useful Tips for Real Estate Investment

Nowadays, people are jumping into the real estate investment market, as home rates and loan interest rates are low and affordable. Property investments are considered to be profitable as compared to other forms of investment. They are more sought after, increasing the demand for real estate investments. However, it is a complicated process and there is some amount of risk involved in the business of property investment.


Gurgaon is considered to be one of the best locations to invest in real estate due its good location and proximity to the national capital. Investing in residential properties in Gurgaon, can provide good returns. Investing in commercial real estate of Gurgaon, can also prove to be beneficial as it is a strategic location to establish a company or corporate office.

Even though it is a preferred investment method, investing in properties is generally considered to be difficult. Real estate investment comprises of purchasing a property or managing and renting/sale of real estate for profit. One of the main requirements while investing in the property market is huge capital. Also, in order to become a successful property investor, you need to have an analytical mind, should be flexible, as well as determined. Some simple steps that help in understanding the language of investments are applying for newsletter subscriptions related to property investments, being a member of property investors group in your area, reading books related to investments, participating in online forums and checking the real estate section of your newspaper.

Following are some tips for better understanding property investments:

  • You need to research, evaluate and find out the true value of the property that you are targeting. Making better investment decisions requires good planning. Prepare a list of properties and their prices and learn about the market trends.
  • Learn about the ideal market for making an investment, so that you make a good purchase and make profits. Be prepared for losses as well as profits, as you can never be sure about when the market gets down or high.
  • Another important factor is leverage. It gives you an advantage if you are a long term investor, as the rate of the property might go up or down depending upon the market.
    You should strategies to limit risk. Learn to limit your risk factor by gaining knowledge about market trends from national to global and finally about your local area.
  • Learn about your competitors and strategist to limit your risk and maximize profits. Real estate companies can help in providing useful information. Real estate companies in Gurgaon provide vital information, which can help in making successful investment decisions.

Haryana: A Flourishing Real Estate Destination around Delhi

Delhi-NCR is the most preferred investment destination especially for the real estate buyers and sellers. And even if you are looking forward to invest in a property near Delhi, Faridabad can definitely be included in your list of locations. Faridabad is making its position in the real estate market as it offers high return on investment, better pricing and safe environment. Moreover, Faridabad has speedily developing infrastructure, improved connectivity with Delhi and other near-by areas, and world-class projects. You can easily find different and appropriate office space in Faridabad. Besides Faridabad, plots in Ambala and Gurgaon are also blooming at a good speed. Below are some reasons of why Haryana and especially Faridabad and Ambala are coming up with excellent real estate opportunities.

Real Estate Haryana

State-of-the-art Infrastructure: From state-of-the-art infrastructure to improved connectivity with Delhi, Haryana has become one of the fastest developing states of the country. Haryana government is planning to construct various expressways and National Highways to connect the state with other bigger states. Moreover, large multinationals and corporate firms are establishing their root here and since last few decades it has become more prominent. Apart from these, government is bringing world-class educational facilities with various schools and UGC approved colleges. Even in entertainment sector cities like Faridabad, Ambala and Gurgaon has topped the chart with some big hotels, restaurants and shopping malls.

Money-spinning Job Opportunities: With so many MNCs establishing in the state, youngsters can easily find money-spinning job opportunities. More and more BPOs, IT companies, and media companies are coming up with their branches in the state. Today, more than 500 companies are in the state for the young professionals and graduates.

Connectivity: Faridabad is connected to Delhi via metro and Ambala via buses and trains; whereas Gurgaon will soon be connected with Faridabad by monorail. This will increase the value of properties in different areas. Demand for both commercial and residential properties will touch its peak high.

You can also find best plots in Ambala in different sectors, and popular being the plots in sector 23. Ambala city is developing rapidly with some of the world-class residential and commercial properties.

Why Gurgaon Is The Most Sought-After Property Investment Destination?

The Millennium City “Gurgaon” is fast becoming the most sought-after property investment destination in the Nation Capital Region. This city has become the perfect example of fast urbanization in North India. Sales in plots, flats, villas, residences etc. have sprung up, thanks to the launches of new projects by reputed real-estate developers. The probability of the cut rates in home loans and the expectation of the revival of the India economy from its slump have further increased the demands for new homes and residences. Continue reading “Why Gurgaon Is The Most Sought-After Property Investment Destination?”