Commercial Spaces To Choose From By Vatika Group

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Vatika Group is one of NCR’s leading real estate developers today, and with that title, we hold the utmost pride in providing only the most premium commercial spaces in NCR. We believe in consistently raising the bar with quality innovations that enhance society’s lifestyle. Following this, we have bought you three prime commercial projects to visit: Vatika 44, One On One, and INXT City Centre.

Each of these commercial campuses is excellently located on important roads, at prominent intersections, in close proximity to metro stations, or at prime spots in established and emerging commercial areas. This provides quick and easy accessibility to your employees and clients, as well as added prestige to your business. 

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5 Commercial Properties in Delhi NCR to Invest In 2021

It has been months, and your single-minded pursuit of finding the most iconic commercial properties hasn’t been pulled off? Well, it’s time you should realize that the maze in which you were lost has finally found its key to succour you out of tirelessly searching for commercial properties in Delhi NCR.

Here in this article, we bring you the finest arcade of commercial properties in Delhi NCR.

Immerse yourself in the elaborative detailing of the most sought after commercial properties and appease all the desires you have been carting in your mind.

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VATIKA BUSINESS DISTRICT Presenting Gurgaon’s most economically efficient commercial zone

Vatika Business District on NH8 is the new commercial zone in Gurgaon that offers unmatched economic efficiency for new businesses and established concerns alike. With rates in older established commercial locations in Gurgaon hitting all-time highs, Vatika Business District has emerged as the best alternative for corporates that desire state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities without paying exorbitant amounts for real estate.

Locational Advantages

Advantage of scale: Vatika Business District is spread over 63 acres – mostly in Sectors 82A and 83, with one project (the iconic Vatika One On One) in Sector 16. Because of its large size, VBD (Vatika Business District) accommodates a number of different commercial projects, which together have space for hundreds of offices. These many enterprises situated in the same area create immense commercial synergy, and the whole area will develop as a thriving business hub.

Unbeatable connectivity: Vatika Business District is sited at the intersection of NH8 and Dwarka Expressway. Not only does this mean excellent connectivity by 20 km signal free drive from the airport, but the new ISBT and proposed Metro hub are literally right across the road too. There is also a regular shuttle service between VBD and the HUDA City Centre Metro Station.

Comprehensive Infrastructure: Vatika Business District has been developed with a holistic view of business and its related requirements. So, apart from the individual commercial projects, VBD also has space for 5-star hotels and business hotels. There is also a large auditorium, perfect for hosting big corporate events, as well as shopping areas and a 9-screen PVR multiplex with a capacity of 2,000 people. Continue reading “VATIKA BUSINESS DISTRICT Presenting Gurgaon’s most economically efficient commercial zone”

Advantages of Integrated Self Sustained Townships

Population in our country has been ever increasing, however, on the other hand our natural resources to cater to this population is limited. To create a proper balance we actually need more cities with all the amenities to cater to the requirement of this population.


The concept of integrated self sustaining Townships, being developed by private developers is really coming a long way in creating this balance.

Integrated self sustaining townships are being developed in the periphery of cities due to availability of large tracts of land. Spanning hundreds of acres, they have a mix of plots, Villas, Independent floors, Group Housings, Office/ retail spaces, cinemas, schools, hospitals, police stations, religious areas, parks, clubs, community spaces, fire stations and all other facilities that are there in developed urban centers.

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Commercial Office Spaces in Gurgaon: A Preferred Destination for Corporates and MNC’s

Gurgaon has become the commercial hub of the country with various industry giants aiming to occupy a commercial space in the city, by building world-class offices with state-of-the-art amenities. The past decade has seen a steep rise in commercial real estate sector of Gurgaon and the reason for it is its proximity to the international airport and Delhi, the Capital of India. This puts the city at an advantage and makes it an attractive investment option for big and small companies.

Gurgaon office space
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A Glance at the Various Commercial Property Options Available in Gurgaon

When it comes to choosing a commercial office space for rent, there can be no better location than Gurgaon. With the millennium city developing at a rapid pace, more and more businessmen are willing to kick-start their business in Gurgaon. However, for every businessman it is extremely important to get the right kind of office space. The kind of office space required by a businessman varies, depending on the type of business. When we look around, we can find various types of commercial office spaces in Gurgaon. Let us have a look at them:

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Office Spaces in Faridabad: Perfect for Start-Ups

Today, people are more inclined in the direction of establishing a business, rather than taking up 9 to 5 job. Nevertheless, starting up a business needs loads of attention and the first thing to look out for is a perfect office space at a reasonable cost. So, if you are planning to start-up a business, fret not. Now you can get a low budget and good office space. Faridabad is one of the most sought after cities where one can easily get good commercial properties. Currently, various builders are coming up with some of the ideal commercial projects in Faridabad, which you can invest in or take on rent as per the budget and necessity.

office space in Faridabad

Today, for various companies, be it a travel firm, online shopping websites, or F&B, Faridabad has become the first choice. The biggest advantage to start a business in Faridabad is that it is a part of NCR and located near to country capital. Moreover, commuting from the city is also easy as both international and domestic airports are located within 25 kms of the area.

Apart from the easy commuting, Faridabad also has a high-grade education system. Some of the most reputed graduation as well as post-graduation colleges are located in the city. Therefore, the problem of hiring youngsters in the company will not arise. You can look for good employees via college placements.

Besides, this city being one of the best, the office spaces in Faridabad are also well-planned and maintained. The offices are perfectly furnished with proper utilization of space. Separate cubicles, meeting room, conference room and pantry are there to make work easy for the employees. Moreover, 24X7 power backup and centralized air conditioning are available for their convenience.

Other facilities include bank ATMs, hospitals and clinics, high-end restaurants and cafes in the vicinity of the office spaces.

Apart from Faridabad, builders are coming up with various residential and office spaces on Mathura road. Moreover, builders are bringing some of the best residential and commercial developments on the plots in Sector 23, Ambala City.

So, if you are looking for office space for your start-up, apart from Faridabad, you must check out Mathura and Ambala city.

Factors That Help to Calculate the Amount of Office Space Required

For people willing to kick-start their business, there can be nothing better than choosing an office space in Delhi NCR. Selecting an office space in an appropriate location is of importance, but along with this, choosing the right amount of space is equally important. Let us have a look at the factors that must be kept in mind to calculate the amount of office space required.

amount for office space

Nature of your business: No one understands your business needs better than you. You are the best person to understand the nature and functioning of your business. Take an idea of the amount of space that you will be requiring to carry out the business functions smoothly and while looking for an office space, make sure you keep this parameter in mind. There is a huge availability of office spaces in Gurgaon and you can easily search one according to your requirements.

Number of employees working: Another factor that can help you decide the amount of space that you would be requiring, is the number of employees. Your office space must be large enough to accommodate all the employees. Not only this, there must be some extra space too, so that the employees can move around freely. If your company is a start-up and you have less number of employees, there is no need to choose a very large office space. In the same manner, if you have a huge number of employees, make sure you do not choose a small office space.

Number of Equipment: To run a business efficiently and smoothly, you will be needing certain equipment. Make sure that while selecting an office space, you keep in mind the space that will be required to accommodate these equipment. Many people miss out on this factor while selecting an office space and when it’s time to place these equipment, the space becomes less.

Need for private/shared office space: Depending on your requirements, you must decide whether you need a private office or a shared office. Also, make sure that whether you choose a private office space or a shared office space, you choose the area according to your requirements. There is an availability of various office spaces in NH 8 Gurgaon. Also if looking for pocket friendly options, office spaces in Sector 83 Gurgaon are a good choice.

By keeping the above mentioned estimates in mind, you can choose an ideal office space and run your business smoothly.

Great Scope of Development in Faridabad with Upcoming Commercial Projects

Along with the rising demand for properties in Gurgaon and Noida in the NCR, another region that is making its prominence in the real estate market is Faridabad. A leading industrial centre situated in the North Indian state of Haryana, Faridabad is also progressing at a rapid pace as a commercial and residential hub in the NCR. Strange but true, with improving infrastructure, this old industrial city has progressed from a factory and industrial region to a commercial hub. Infact, in a recent study on real estate, this city of our country was referred as the “city of the decade 2011-21”.

Faridabad commercial properties

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