What to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Luxury Home in Gurgaon

Living life king size is the dream of every individual and to fulfill this dream, there can be nothing better than living in a luxury home. Gurgaon has developed at a rapid speed and various builders are coming up with elite projects in the city. The already existing and new launched projects in Gurgaon are giving every individual a chance to live a luxurious life.


Why to buy a home in Gurgaon?

  • Continuous infrastructural development
  • Assured high returns on the investment
  • Huge number of upcoming housing projects
  • Composed and serene surroundings
  • Major IT hub
  • World-class education opportunities in proximity

What to keep in mind before choosing a house in Gurgaon

  • Be well-informed: Not many people are well-informed about all the luxury projects in Gurgaon. However, before choosing a luxury home, it is extremely important to have a clear idea about the various options available around you. Also, since not many options are available, it is recommended to book the apartment, flat, villa or house well in advance. For example, if you are willing to book a 3 BHK flat in Gurgaon, look at all the options available and only then make the final decision.
  • Think about resale options: When buying a home, you must always keep in mind the option of resale. Determine the value of the property before you buy it, so that if in future, you plan to resell it, you get a handsome amount of money.
  • Focus on the surroundings: Paying attention to your surroundings is extremely important. Firstly, the property must be situated in a secure location and secondly, it must be in proximity to schools, malls, cinemas, shopping centers etc.
  • Have a look at the builder’s previous projects: If you are investing in a property for the first time, make sure you move cautiously. Since various real estate builders in Gurgaon are coming up with numerous elite housing projects, it is important to check the quality of their work. This can be done by having a look at the builder’s previous projects.
  • Hire a real estate agent: Investing in the real estate is a profitable, yet risky decision. Hiring a real estate agent is one of the wisest decisions as these agents have a clear idea about the latest real estate market trends.

Jaipur Properties: Providing a Luxurious Lifestyle

Jaipur, the promising real estate destination has attracted the attention of several property buyers and investors. Investing in a residential property in Jaipur is undoubtedly a great decision. Jaipur plots are strategically located and are well-planned, which ensures every resident a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Let us have a look at why investing in a residential property in Jaipur is beneficial.

luxurious lifestyle

  • Economically priced: Price of properties in other cites has touched the sky, but Jaipur properties are still priced economically. It is the dream of every common man to own a house. Jaipur’s property rates are a huge attraction for Indian as well as foreign investors and buyers.
  • Returns on investment is high: Various factors contribute in the pink city’s captivating investment options. Along with providing numerous affordable options, the city is one of the most preferred options for investment purposes. The high returns on investment, high rentals, developing infrastructure and serene environment are some of the major factors that have contributed immensely in making Jaipur a great investment option.
  • Emerging IT hub: After Gurgaon, major IT companies are now planning to set up their bases in the pink city. It is expected that in no mater of time, Jaipur will emerge as a major IT hub. What better can it get than staying in a home that is extremely near to your office? By choosing a residential flat in Jaipur near your office, you can save your traveling time and money.
  • Liberal policies of the Government: The liberal policies of the government are one of the major factors that have contributed immensely in the city’s elevation in the field of real estate. These moderate policies are further thrusting the economical and infrastructural development of the city.
  • Unified townships and projects: Many investors from all across the globe are getting attracted to Jaipur due to the development of various townships. Infotech City, Jaipur is one of the well-developed projects that offer both comfort and luxury to the residents. The residents can enjoy various benefits like 24 hours water supply, electricity backup, playground for kids, lifts, gymnasium and spacious parking lot, to name just a few.

If you are willing to invest in a property, make sure you consider the option of investing in a Jaipur property as it will certainly provide you numerous benefits.

Excellent Time to Invest in Jaipur Real Estate

Jaipur is quickly turning into one of the most favored destinations for real estate, in India. It is emerging as the second-fastest developing town in the country. Good roads, as well as abundant air and rail connectivity to the national capital, Delhi, has made Jaipur one of the hottest tourist destination. It is also growing in popularity for its growing real estate market.
investment in jaipur In order to meet the future housing demands of IT sector employees, there have been some integrated townships developed by Jaipur real estate builders. There are various residential projects under way by a number of big and small real estate developers. Commercial real estate development is also a big attraction for investment in residential properties Jaipur.

Real estate experts believe that this is the best time to buy property in Jaipur. Most new developments are taking place in areas where IT companies have come up. Residential areas like Bapu Nagar, Civil Lines and Malviya Nagar are expensive to rent.

With every passing day there is an increase in the in infrastructural development and tourism of Jaipur. Another reason for Jaipur becoming a popular investment destination is the soon-to-be-functional metro. The development of Metro has not only improved the growth graph of the city, but has also had a positive influence in the city’s real estate.

Locations which fall on the metro stretch are more expensive than the suburban locations of the city. So, if you are middle class buyer searching for a property in Jaipur, then it might be a good idea to invest in the outskirts of Jaipur at a lower price and still enjoy the great connectivity of metro. A number of skyscrapers are coming up in the city. The cost of flats at Jaipur may start from Rs. 20 lac onwards, depending upon the location. The concept of villas in Jaipur, group housing societies, row houses and integrated townships, are already popular in this ancient town of palaces.

According to the recent developments, Jaipur is set to become an IT destination. Looking at the up-gradation of infrastructural facilities and due to the city taking on the mall culture, the ‘Pink City’ is surely turning into a hot investment destination.

Gurgaon Realtors: Your Guide to the Best Real Estate Purchase

The future for Gurgaon real estate forecasts huge growth in residential as well as commercial sectors. This developing commercial hub of India is a known location for a number of reputed realtors, builders and estate consultants. Well known builders are interested in having residential and commercial land dealings in this place. The main reason for this is the growing commercial significance and increasing urbanization of this area. The promising development scenario of townships in Gurgaon, as well as high availability of plots, further facilitate the immeasurable potential of this region. Also, it is quite simple to purchase and sell land in this city. Luxury homes in Gurgaon, are also contributing towards making it a favored residential destination.

Luxury homes in Gurgaon

All realtors offer professional services that are crucial for purchasing any kind of residential house in Gurgaon. The city is an important centre for real estate in entire North India and a large number of properties are available here, for sale. So, it is highly recommended that you take the assistance of a professional to buy, sell or lease any of the residential or commercial properties. These trained realtors not only have complete knowledge about the real estate market, but are also fully aware of all kinds of legal processes that have to be taken care of, in all kinds of property transactions.

Independent floors on NH 8 Gurgaon, commercial properties in DLF city and luxurious residential apartments in Sushant Lok, are the heart and soul of the city’s property business. Residential areas in Palam Vihar has also benefited because of the huge availability of ready-made houses and plots.

This commercial capital offers a variety of lands, as well as pre-built residential houses such as apartments, houses, condos and stores in the local markets. Commercial properties also include offices, exhibition halls, warehouses, factories, industrial sites, retail shopping marts, etc. These properties are available for sale, lease, rent and purchase, with the help of local realtors. You just need to contact a reliable agent in order to get an entire list of properties to choose from. These lists are categorized on the basis of independent colonies, along with their respective realtors.

Tips for Negotiating a Retail Commercial Property

If you are a retailer who is willing to expand his/her business, there cannot be a better option than choosing a retail property for lease. However, investing in a property is always a risky decision, and one must ensure that he/she is extremely careful in the process. Also, you must ensure that you are not fooled by anyone who is giving you the retail space for rent. Here are a few tips that can help you in negotiating a retail commercial property.

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A Glance at the Various Commercial Property Options Available in Gurgaon

When it comes to choosing a commercial office space for rent, there can be no better location than Gurgaon. With the millennium city developing at a rapid pace, more and more businessmen are willing to kick-start their business in Gurgaon. However, for every businessman it is extremely important to get the right kind of office space. The kind of office space required by a businessman varies, depending on the type of business. When we look around, we can find various types of commercial office spaces in Gurgaon. Let us have a look at them:

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How to Eliminate the Risks in Real Estate Investment?

For first time investors, investing in the real estate can be a little scary. However, don’t let your fear overrule you, hold down and choose the best real estate market for investment. What can be a better choice than investing in a developing city? Jaipur is one of the most preferred locations where you can get the best real estate properties. Real estate investment in Jaipur is flourishing because the city is developing rapidly. But when you decide to invest in the real estate, make sure you are careful and eliminate your risk. Below are some points that can help you in avoiding the risk.

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Which Is the Best Option: Ready to Move in Flats or under Construction Flats?

Buying your dream home in a place like Gurgaon cannot be an instant decision. The decision has to be taken after doing serious planning and research. At times, buyers get confused as to whether they should opt for ready to move flats in Gurgaon offered by property developers or should go for under construction flats. The real estate property in Gurgaon is spurring with various options starting from ready-made flats to villas to residential houses to plots to ready to move floors or 3 bhk or 4 bhk flats in Gurgaon . Under such circumstances, it becomes a great problem for the buyer to make a decision. For those who are stuck in this confusion, here is a small comparison between ready to move in flats and under construction flats.

ready to move vs under construction

It is said that if you are making your first property investment, ready to move-in flats are a perfect choice. This will help to save your rentals. There is no risk factor involved in delays and hassles as you will get a ready accommodation. But the disadvantage here is that the price of this property is very high in comparison to the construction and time plans. On the other hand, property developers offer different plans to buyers in case of under construction flats depending on the affordability and requirement of the buyer. The rate of return on such flats is high because they are affordable as compared to the ready to move-in ones. This is perfect for home buyers who want to purchase their second home. The major disadvantages of such a project are price escalations, delays, changes from the planned layout, etc. Also home buyers who opt for under-construction flats also have to spend money both, for the new house as well for their rental accommodation.

Nowadays, the customers are very smart and they invest in projects that are safe and productive. Before making the final call, they make thorough checks on the realty firms. They properly inspect the developers’ past projects. While they opt for ready to move in flats, they may even settle down for under construction projects if they are satisfied with the credibility of the developer along with the promised quality and facilities of the project. But then again, considering the present market dynamics, ready-to-move flats are certainly a preferred choice for both the risk-averse and those in a hurry.

High Hopes with Real Estate in Jaipur

In India, the real estate market is a much better investment option that that of any other. The main reason behind it is the better return on the investment. However, prior investing in any sector, you need to know everything about the market along with the sector in which you want to invest your money. Currently one of the booming sectors is the real estate market, and specially of a developing city. Real estate in Jaipur can be taken in consideration for the same, as Jaipur is developing at quite a rapid speed and today, people are considering the city as their preferred location.

jaipur real estate

When we talk about this city with the investment prospective, it is very important to know what are the possible sectors in real estate to invest. You can invest in both residential as well as commercial sectors. Presently, there are a lot of plots for sale in Jaipur in which you can invest. Also, various builders are coming up with different types of projects in Jaipur. Projects not only include apartments and floor houses, but also independent house in Jaipur. In recent times, the builders investing in the real estate in the city are taking care of the locality as well as all the amenities.

Further, the sub-sectors of the city are growing constantly which means, we will see a well developed city in another year or two. With so many magnificent views and popular places, Jaipur is going to be the next metro city of India. The city demonstrates a good option for real estate growth and also a great business prospect is there which tempts the investors from different parts of the country.

Jaipur, being one of the fastest developing cities of Northern part of India is establishing beautifully with good infrastructure, including striking landscape, well-maintained roads, magnificent gardens and more. Moreover, the city’s current structure and surroundings are perfect for commercial growth as well. Its present market indicates a good growth of institutional and corporate sector. It has also been computed as the safest destination for both investors as well as the people who want to start their lives here.

Why Choosing New Housing Projects in Gurgaon over an Older Is a Smarter Option?

The modernization and development of cities have heavily contributed in the increasing demand for commercial and residential properties among people. Every day, numerous builders are coming up with commercial and housing projects in NCR to fulfill this growing demand. While investing in the real estate, often people get confused between existing and upcoming residential projects in Gurgaon. Investing in old properties means purchasing real estate in a well-settled area; however, new projects have many advantages that can make the investment worthwhile in the long run.

Housing projects in GurgaonToday, the concept of living has changed into ‘the bigger is better’, and builders are focusing on optimum space utilization. Unlike old homes, new housing projects in Gurgaon have more space inside as well as outside. Recently developed as well as new projects are better planned and have sufficient space for everything, from playing area to parking space. New houses are built with spaces that are expected to be developed soon and, thus, hold immense growth potential.

Nowadays, builders think about calm and friendly environment while developing the property in order to provide an unparalleled living experience. While constructing new houses, builders usually consider state-of-art-infrastructure with all modern conveniences inside and outside the house. Solar panels are used to provide the houses free and clean energy, while making them ecofriendly. Moreover, proper insulation is provided to walls, floors and ceilings, to protect them from natural disasters like earthquakes. The windows of these houses have dual panes that keep the home warm during winters and cool during summers.

More maintenance is needed for an old property in Gurgaon, India. Replacement of wiring and plumbing can be another problem for those shifting to old homes. New properties are clean and untouched and, thus, can easily attract potential consumers. These new houses are incorporated with the latest security systems that keep unwanted visitors out.

A new home can easily be customized in comparison to the old property. There are certain things in the home that buyers wish to change as per their needs. From kitchen cabinets and flooring to showcase and bathroom structure, anything can be customized at the time of construction itself.