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The difference between size and space:
You’ll be surprised to know that two apartments, both being sold as 2000 sq. ft. in size, may actually turn out to be quite different when examined closely.
Simply put, size is what is mentioned in the ads and brochures, while space is what you will actually get to use. And since usable space is never mentioned anywhere, it’s very important for you to figure it out for yourself.

Here are a few questions you should ask:

Q1. Super Area or Carpet Area?

The size of an apartment, conventionally includes a proportionate share of common area, wall thickness and certain other components to the apartment and balcony area. This is different from Carpet Area – which is a more accurate measure of the usable space. Carpet Area is a better parameter to use when comparing apartment sizes.

Q2. What is the Loading Ratio?

The ratio between the Built Up Area (or Sellable Area) and the Carpet Area is called the Loading Ratio. The lower the Loading Ratio, the better it is for you.

Q3. How transparently has it been measured?

Vatika tells you the room sizes, accurate to the last centimeter – so you know precisely how much area you are getting. Also, Vatika’s measurements do not include the width of parapets, etc. What the floor plan shows is the area you can actually use.

Q4. Is it accurately portrayed?

A standard double bed is 6 ft by 6 ft-6 in. You may come across instances where the floor plan has been made to look more spacious by depicting smaller furniture sizes. The same may be true of dining tables and sofas, too. So you should be alert about these details. A Vatika floor plan, on the other hand, always shows accurately depicted standard-sized furniture, and presents a realistic picture of room sizes and the furniture you will be able to move in with.

Q5. How efficient is the design?

The size of a room is important; but equally important is the placement of the door, windows and columns. If these are poorly placed, the usability of the room gets severely compromised. Vatika has a team of over 40 architects to only review and ensure efficient designs, so that every bit of the space in an apartment is well planned and usable.

Not only do Vatika apartments give you more living space in the same size, Vatika also recognises that different families may want to arrange the space differently. So, you will find a wide range of apartment layouts as well. More bedrooms or bigger bedrooms? How many washrooms? Bigger rooms or bigger balconies? It’s your living space, and Vatika offers you many choices to select the one that’s best for you.

Vatika Promise:

  • More Carpet Area
  • Precise dimensions
  • Accurately depicted floor plans
  • More living space in a home

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