Think of Home Think of A Vatika Home


Living isn’t limited to the four walls of your home. What’s around your house is just as important as what’s in it. A shady tree right outside, the quality of the pavement in front, proximity to a milk booth – these are the small things that can elevate or depress how you feel at home. Vatika puts great thought into these little matters. Here are a few good reasons for buying a Vatika home

Superior Quality in Design & construction Vatika is renowned for its design, layouts, open sources and quality of construction and amenities.

A wide variety of homes for you to choose from There are 20 projects and over 200 varieties of 3 bedroom apartment to choose from; homes starting from 60 lakhs up to 2.5 cr.

Vatika always delivers 5000 possessions already given, 3000 families already living in Vatika India Next. Vatika has delivered 42.3 million sq ft, which includes 35.7 million sq ft residential and 6.6 million sq ft of commercial development.

Top Class maintenance Over 800 engineers & technicians of Enviro keep Vatika projects in top conditions. Vatika homes always fetch a premium over other surrounding houses.

Simple paperwork and easy procedures are a delight Online access, scheduled deliveries make it easy & comfortable. Committed advisory teams are always there for your support.

Call Vatika Direct at 9555 930 930 and let the process of buying your house be as pleasurable as living in it.