What are Gated Towns?

what are gated towns


The sad fact is that the peaceful little town you grew up in is gone forever. If you go back for a visit, you’ll find that the streets you went cycling in are now choked with traffic jams, and the field where you learnt cricket is a municipal parking lot. Rapid and unplanned urbanization has taken a heavy toll on India’s small towns.

Vatika has made it a mission to re-balance life and create for its residents an environment of calmness and harmony. Gated towns bring out the best parts of contemporary urban living without the stress and ill health normally associated with big cities.

A gated community is a protected island of perfection, it’s a little world where residents can choose and control the kind of life they want to live. And Vatika, with the expertise of a master developer, has created a beautiful balance of progress and pristineness.

Freedom With entrances carefully guarded, a Vatika community is a safe zone – for children, grown ups and senior citizens alike. Kids can run around and play without constraint, women can safely go about on their own, and it is easy to enjoy the freedom that security brings.

CleanlinessThe air, the water, the roads, the parks – everything in a Vatika township is clean and healthy. Regulated traffic reduces pollution, and good maintenance reduces stress – so positivity, energy and good health have become signatures of the Vatika lifestyle.

Convenience There is a comfort that comes with smallness: knowing that everything is close at hand. Parks, shops, cafes, hobby classes or friends’ houses – you don’t have to get the car out for anything.

Lifestyle You can live like a tycoon without having to make the millions. Swimming pools, squash courts, landscaped lawns and tranquil tree-lined avenues – a Vatika township has them all.

Vatika townships, with their excellent locations, offer all the freedom and advantages of the small-town life without ever having to be disconnected with the city. They are meticulously planned and uncompromisingly executed – and that’s what has made them such a popular choice.

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