Vatika India Next: Give your kids the best childhood


At about 700 acres in area, Vatika India Next is slightly larger than South Delhi’s Vasant Kunj. That’s large enough to make it the perfect little hometown for your children. It offers the wholesomeness and simplicity of the town you grew up in, along with the benefits of new-age urban planning.

Clean environment The entire township is being developed along eco-friendly lines, using energy-efficient technologies and materials.

Low pollution Plenty of green areas and a smooth-flowing traffic system help in keeping pollution levels down.

Healthy lifestyle The township is extremely pedestrian-friendly, and it’s layout is such that it invites people to spend time outdoors.

Play areas Usable open spaces, rather than merely ornamental lawns, have the emphasis in Vatika INXT. Plenty of sports facilities and places to run, play, exercise and skateboard in.

Grandparent-friendly Grandparents are a key part of childhood. With easy walkways, shaded benches, parks and plenty of places, INXT makes sure it’s senior and junior citizens can have a lot of fun together.

Safety All access points into the township are manned round the clock, and the entire area is a secure zone – with CCTV surveillance, over 370 security personneland a police station within the township.

Easy Traffic Vehicular flow is extremely regulated and kept segregated from pedestrian and play areas – making them safe for the young and the elderly.

Education The middle and senior wing of MatriKiran is already operational with a 6.25-acre campus in Vatika INXT. Altogether, there will be 3 high schools, 6 primary schools, 7 nursery schools and 3 day-care centres.

Healthcare Apart from the full-scale hospitals coming up on the Dwarka Expressway, Vatika India Next will also have 1 hospital, 3 clinics and 11 nursing homes within its premises. The first 3 nursing homes will commence operations by March 2017.

Easy commute The township is completely self-sufficient township; but should you need to step out, it is extremely well-connected too – right at the intersection of NH8 and Dwarka Expressway (NH-8A), with a Metro hub coming up alongside.

Top notch maintenance Enviro, Vatika’s own facility management arm with decades of experience in this field, makes sure that everything is hazard-free and immaculately maintained.

In today’s stressed and hurried world, Vatika India Next is designed to be a calm oasis where children can truly be children, and over 2,000 families have already discovered its charms.


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