Homes that come with after-sales service

Vatika isn’t in the business of building and selling houses. Rather we define our business as creating and sustaining fulfilling lifestyles. ( It’s a big difference from how the real estate industry works, because it shifts the focus from sales and transactions to experiences and relationships. And it makes ‘service’ an integral part of our offering to you.
0124-4355 555 is your gateway to a range of services that make owning a Vatika home a pleasure and a privilege.

Vatika Interior Solutions
When you take possession of your home, it should be complete in all respects and it should reflect your taste and preferences. That’s what Vatika Interior Solutions does for you. It relieves you of the hassle of chasing vendors and workmen, and delivers a high-quality job based on designs and materials chosen by you.
The beauty of the service is the ease and convenience it offers. An integrated app serves as the interface, through which you can see the choices available, make selections and even get progress updates.
Vatika Interior Solutions offer choices in all the areas that customers usually get done on their own. These include:
Wooden flooring
Wall paint
Electrical modifications
Other furniture

While Vatika homes are excellent residential choices, many customers choose them as investments as well. ReServe is a specialized division of Vatika that is of great help to investors and other non-residing customers.
ReServe provides professionally managed services to clients in two very important areas:
Renting / Leasing: ReServe helps in finding suitable tenants for the properties owned by Vatika customers. The expertise of ReServe executives also helps in negotiations on behalf of clients and drawing up legal agreements and other paperwork.
Resale: The property resale market generally has many more variables at play than primary sales. For this reason Vatika clients looking at re-selling their properties rely on the expertise of ReServe executives to find buyers and negotiate an appropriate price on their behalf. ReServe also helps with all the sale-related documentation, including registry.

Real Time Account Access
All Vatika transactions are based on the principles of transparency, accountability and consistency. Since there are no hidden dealings, we are able to offer customers ready access to their accounts.
Customers can check real time accounts status at the click of a mouse on a cloud-based software, so they can get information like account statements, receipts, and outstanding payments. The electronic medium even offers the facility of settling payments online through a payment gateway.
For the benefit of customers visiting the Client Services Centre in person, EDC machines have been installed onsite to enable payments to be made through Debit/Credit cards.
Real Time Account Access offers a great deal of convenience to customers, freeing them from the necessity of going through a call centre and then having to wait for account statements and other documents to be mailed to them.

Responsive Query Handling
To make sure that Vatika customers get a quick and accurate response to their queries, we have implemented a software-based Query Handling system. By segregating typical customer queries received over the years, we have devised a list of query categories that a customer can choose from. This enables the software to quickly direct the query to the relevant person or specific database for smooth and speedy resolution.
Queries about construction status, builder buyer agreement, tax, due payments and many others can be satisfactorily resolved through this process, and the customer is spared the delay involved when all queries are first sent to a common address.

Vatika Value
Apart from the satisfaction that comes from owning a Vatika home, being a Vatika customer brings with it a wide set of tangible benefits too. Vatika Value is a set of privileges offered to Vatika customers that they can avail at many establishments spread across the different verticals that the Vatika Group operates in.
Home owners automatically qualify for a preferential rate if they choose to purchase another Vatika residence. Other Vatika Value benefits are in the form of privileges and discounts at an increasing number of places and services:
Business related:
Access to all 15 Vatika business centres all over India, as well as special rates for meeting rooms, video conferencing and other services.
Preferential rates on select services at The Westin Gurgaon and The Westin Sohna Resort & Spa.
Fine Dining:
Discounts on food and beverages at Coriander Leaf, 56 Italiano and 56 Fresca.
Special rates on the services of Vatika Interior Solutions for residences.

Other Services:
Vatika approaches real estate like a services company would. And, as a customer, you will find every interaction with Vatika to be less bureaucratic, more helpful, quicker and smoother than you expected. There are many things we do which all add up to this experience:
Zero fees for migrating your purchase into a different project.
Zero fees in re-assigning properties in case of the demise of an owner of a property.
Zero fees for assisting with documentation on behalf of the customer with a bank.
Ensuring that the waiting time to meet a client service executive is less than 10 minutes even if you haven’t fixed an appointment.
Ensuring that transfers are completed within 7 days.
An efficient call centre equipped to handle all queries across all our product lines.
A solutions-oriented approach, which means we can handle all your major foreseeable needs related to your home – including interiors, leasing, resale and best-in-class maintenance.