Buying and Renting a Property – What, When, Where & How?

Real estate, though provides a very lucrative investment opportunity, but at the same time, because of its sheer scale and complexity, is a very big personal and financial commitment that most people make in their lifetime. While a financial investment in real estate not only involves considering the factors of the property’s price or the interest rate on the home loan, but also the subjective thinking of the individual. Continue reading “Buying and Renting a Property – What, When, Where & How?”

Groundwork Before The Actual Ground Work

Just like a tree needs a good foundation to grow and expand, infrastructure, whether it’s a stand-alone building or a whole township, also needs a good and firm foundation, so it can stand tall for years to come. As a tree needs space to grow; to sustain itself and the life around it, an infrastructure too needs space, so that it can support itself as well the life of the people residing in it and should offer even more. Continue reading “Groundwork Before The Actual Ground Work”