Vatika India Next – A Step Closer to the Next Level – Part 2

Till now we have explored the various features and facilities of educational institutes in the Vatika India Next township near NH-8 in Gurgaon. In this and the next blog we are going to talk about some of the most important and unique features, facilities and amenities that Vatika INXT has to offer.

Vatika India Next has been designed to provide all the modern facilities and features to cater to everyday demand of its residents, from schools, hospitals to retail & commercial outlets and recreational facilities.

Healthcare Facilities in Vatika INXTHealthcare facilities in Vatika Residences

Perhaps the most important concern while contemplating to relocate is the health and hygiene of the family. This concern has been sincerely dealt by Vatika Group while designing one of the largest township near NH-8 in Gurgaon.

To address the basic question of healthcare Vatika Group has a two-fold answer – through prevention and intervention.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

The first, i.e. prevention, of this two-pronged approach to healthcare will be implemented by focussing on providing healthy green environment within the township. A total of 13 acres* of land will be utilized for township, efficient population distribution, health care facilities effective city planning, best-in-class hygiene and sanitation facilities and most importantly the use of non-polluting technologies.

World Class Healthcare Facilities

Prevention is always better than cure, but in case you or your family do need to avail the health-care facilities, Vatika INXT township will be fully equipped to tackle any such scenario with the help of 2 health centres, 4 dispensaries and 12 nursing homes, a total of 15 health-care establishments located within the township.

For information regarding Vatika INXT, the residential, commercial and retail real estate it has to offer, and of course the features, facilities and amenities that Vatika has to offer, please visit our website @

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